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The Unity Mixers ‎– Dance Computer 95 2 (CD Mixed) - 1995

The Unity Mixers – Dance Computer 95 2

Sello: CNR Music – 2101645
Formato: CD, Mixed 
País: Belgium
Fecha: 1995
Género: Electronic
House, Techno, Euro House, Progressive Trance, Progressive House, Acid, Hard Trance

01–No Artist - Deejay Intro Number Two
02–The Nightcrawlers - Surrender Your Love
03–Whigfield - Thinking Of You (David Riva Mix)
04–Livin' Joy - Dreamer
05–3 Guys On Warwick - Let Me Tell You Something (Humpty's Power Tools Mix)
06–Bobby Brown - Two Can Play That Game (K Klassic Mix)
07–Sweetbox - Booyah (Here We Go) (Geo's Club Mix)
08-Total Control - You Took My Lovin'
09–2 In A Room - Ahora Es (Now Is The Time)
10–Duke - So In Love With You (Pizzaman House Remix)
11–Pizzaman - Sex On The Streets
12–Tom Wilson - Techno Cat
13–Squad 99 - Boom Boom The Bass (Party Mix)
14–740 Boys - Shimmy Shake
15–Fun Factory - I Wanna B With U (Homegirls Inter Remix)
16–Joe Taff - Show Me (Garage Remix)
17–F-Action - Let's Get Closer Baby
18–Le Park - What's Up!
19–Itty Bitty Boozy Woozy - Tempo Fiesta
20–Greed - Pump Up The Volume
21–Paradisio - Un Clima Idéal (Feliz House Mix)
22–Coming Out Crew - Free, Gay & Happy (Deep Throat Remix)
23–Mr. Happy - Come Back To Love (Joyful Version)
24–Red Velvet - Lady Don't Cry (NRG Remix)
25–Corona - Baby Baby (The Unity Mixers Remix)
26–Playahitty - The Summer Is Magic (Alex Party Mix)
27–Nance - Love Is
28–Timeshift - Dancing In The Sun
29–Lea Kiss - Don't Stop The Night
30–Connie Nice - Dancing In The Night (XL Remix)
31–Haddaway - Fly Away
32–JLM - Groovy Beat
33–Taboo - I Dream Of You Tonight
34–Phi Phi & Greg D - Jesus Trip (Christianity Remix)
35–Carat Trax II - The Message (Veroniq-Mas Mix)
36–Emmanuel Top - Tone

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