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Los Hijos Del Sol Present An Ibiza Mix Numero 7 (CD, Compilation, Mixed) - 1991

En esta entrada nos encontramos con este excelente megamix perteneciente a la saga alemana Los Hijos Del Sol ....este es su séptimo y ultimo volumen, 
Inc: 2 megamixes mas samples que suelen traer estos tipos de mixados.


01-Ibiza Mix Numero 7 Mix 1 14:35
Mix 1 include: 
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor & DA Smooth Baron MC - "Can't Help Myself" 
D.J. Professor feat.Sharada House Gang - "Life Is Life" 
Lee Marrow - "To Go Crazy (In The 20th Century)" 
Afrika Bambaataa - "Just Get Up And Dance" 
R.J. And The Family - "Gloria (Club Mix)" 
True Minds feat.B.K.Swift - "Underground Prophet (What Love Is Time?)" 
High Street feat.Black Male - "Yo! Leave The House" 
Plaza - "Hi-De-Ho" 
Cartouche - "Feel The Groove" 

02-Ibiza Mix Numero 7 Mix 2 10:43
Mix 2 include: 
Nomad feat.MC Mikee Freedom - "(I Wanna Give You) Devotion" 
Shannon - "Give Me Tonight (Remix)" 
House Corporation - "Jammin On The Dance Floor" 
Secchi feat.Orlando Johnson - "Keep On Jammin'" 
Clubland - "Pump The Sound (Like A Megablast)" 
Nomad - "Just A Groove" 
Wareband feat.Ted Robinson - "Party Children"

03-Greatest Samples And Beats 1 0:13
04-Greatest Samples And Beats 2 0:08
05-Greatest Samples And Beats 3 0:32
06-Greatest Samples And Beats 4 0:18
07-Greatest Samples And Beats 5 0:11
08-Greatest Samples And Beats 6 0:12
09-Greatest Samples And Beats 7 0:22
10-Greatest Samples And Beats 8 0:10
11-Greatest Samples And Beats 9 0:15
12-Greatest Samples And Beats 10 0:26
13-Greatest Samples And Beats 11 0:20

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